My fantasy football draft is tomorrow


I’m excited for our live draft that we’re having at The Franchise tomorrow night.  The 10 of us from Gearbox will head down there tomorrow night and get to business over beer and wings.

However, I’m still torn on how what my focus is going to be in the early rounds.  I tend to go running backs first, but I think I’m going to switch it up this year with me picking third.  I’ve considered trading down as well since we’re doing the typical serpentine draft.

I wonder how the drafts have been going for everybody else?

I’ll report back tomorrow tonight…or Wednesday if things didn’t go so well 😉


Android Test


Test post from my Evo 4G.

Hello world!

Lots to learn about what can and can’t be done in WordPress.  For example, blogs hosted at are restricted on JavaScript use which is a bummer.  I’m glad to see it does support syntax highlighting in posts though:

int a = 42;
int b = 63;
for ( int i=0; i < a; ++i )
   cout << i*b;
   if ( i == 21 )

void* pMemLocation = NULL;
const char* name = "Scott\0";

// This comment is meaningful